Rules Of Discipline

Every pupil must possess a copy of the school diary and carry it daily to the school.

Apart from entering legibly the name and other personal data, pupils should not enter in it anything except what relates to school work.

School diary is to be preserved carefully and no page from it should be destroyed of smudged.

Pupils must show it to their parents/guardians and get their signatures whenever they are given Notes by the Principal/Teacher.

Parents are expected to look into their children’s school diary every day.

If a pupil loses the diary, he/she will be subject to disciplinary action. A fine of Rs.20/- will be levied and a new diary will have to be purchased.

Children must come in proper, neat and clean school uniform. Those who come to the school improperly dressed, may not be allowed to join classes.

Children should reach the school on time. Their absence must be intimated to the school through application signed by a parent or guardian.

Parents are requested not to approach the teacher directly while they are teaching in the classes.

Pupils are forbidden to leave the school premises during school hours, without the permission of the principal, which will be granted only at the specific written request of the parents/guardians.

Participation of students in all activities of the school is compulsory.

Students who do not bring home work may not be allowed to attend classes.

Irregular attendance, habitual idleness, disrespect and disobedience towards teachers and other member of the school staff may entail punishment or expulsion.

This being a co-educational school, the boys and girls must show proper respect and decorum for each other in keeping with Indian culture and ethics. Use of a less cultured language is strictly prohibited.

Admission & continuation in the school is not a matter of right for any student. In case of expulsion no damages can be claimed.

All pupils are expected to be present for assembly during which they pray together.

On school days and for all functions, children should wear the school uniform only. Children who come to class without the school uniform must bring a note of genuine excuse from the parents or else they will be sent home.

Running, playing, shouting and whistling inside the school building is not allowed.

Care must be taken of all school property and no pupil should scratch or spoil the desks or chairs or damage any school furniture, write or draw anything on the walls, or in any way damage things belonging to others. Damage done even by accident should be reported at once to the class teacher or to the Principal. Any damage done will be made good by the one who has done it. No pupil should bring razor blades or any sharp instruments to school.

All students should be particularly careful not to throw any paper, peels etc. anywhere in the school premises. They use dustbins especially provided for the purpose.

No books (other than the text and library books), newspapers or periodicals may be brought to the school without the Principal’s sanction, else they will be confiscated. The same holds good for other things like transistors, cameras etc.

The students are required to speak in English while in the school premises.

Money should not be lent or borrowed or articles exchanged between the students.

No Collection for any purpose, meeting, demonstration, party or picnic may be held without the prior permission of the principal.

Presents to the members of the staff or other demonstrations in their honour also require previous sanction of the Principal.

The school cannot be held responsible for books, money, clothes or other articles that are lost. Children must look after their own things. It is not advisable for children to have money or valuable articles with them.

All letters and correspondence addressed to pupils are subject to scrutiny by the Principal.

The name, class and section of the pupil should be clearly mentioned on all his/her belongings.

The Students should behave in a refined manner wherever they meet them, in school or outside.

Students are not allowed to receive visitors or to make telephone calls class hours unless the matter is very urgent.

Fines, which may be deemed necessary to be imposed on the students, are only to improve them or to enforce discipline.