ADARSH SR SEC School is an Institution with a difference. We are here to Make a change in the educational scenario of the city. This change is technologically sound and carries with it the facilities, infrastructure, teaching faculty and teaching methodology that will lead your child to greater heights of academic excellence, sports and games, skills and a perfect moulded personality. Your child is our primary responsibility and challenge. Give ADRSH Public School a child and ADARSH Public School will give you back a MAN/WOMAN – perfectly moulded and properlydeveloped.

I remember the days , when we commenced our journey & today those cherished steps made us feel pleased as we are striving towards our goals steadily.

It’s a matter of pride for us that we are facilitated with guided services by learned & achieved such examplaries at this stage. I thank all the path illuminators who have been motivating us for our soul dream to reach the pinnacles of glory with an enthusiastic & youthful generation in the firld of academics, sports, scholastic & co-scholastic activities along with the strong values of Aryasamaj.

I extend my sincere gratitude to my team which is committed to produce strong & young scholars to give free expression to their thoughts, hopes & aspirations….Trust us and join us. You will get value for money and an assurance of excellence.

Best wishes to all !!!

Richpal Rana