Dear Students and Parents,

One of the greatest gifts a parent can give their child is good education. We have established ADARSH PUBLIC SCHOOL with the sole objective of providing the best possible education leaving no stones unturned. . We are committed to education system where the CHILD COMES FIRST. Everything we do at ADARSH PUBLIC School is focused towards the better development of our students in all fields of life. We know that the “wealth of knowledge is unequalled” and we are dedicated to making our students knowledgeable in several fields.

Education is not only about academics. Academic Excellence is important – but so are sports, arts, crafts, dramatics, music & dance. Each child is different, an individual. Schooling should be about independent development of each child with focus on identifying latent talent (through VISION) and encouraging it (through DILIGENCE) to achieve EXCELLENCE.

With the help and active partnership of parents, we envision our students growing up as leaders and honest citizens of our nation. Our students will be role models for the society, full of moral values and patriotism. We expect them to let their ambitions take wing, to not be afraid to accomplish feats that others believe are impossible, to never be tired of working towards their goals … to achieve excellence in everything they do in life.

I welcome you to the Adrash Sr Sec School family.

Maya Rani