Class Rooms

The school has spacious and airy classrooms with well-equipped modern teaching aids like white boards, black boards, with smart class technology presently, there are 1000 students from nursery to XII . The environment in class is very interactive and various technological programs like modals, group activities and class discussions make sessions more interesting.

Play Grounds

At the entry, the school has beautiful lawns. For students there is basketball ground, football court well maintained indoor Gymnastic Hall , Volleyball grounda track for athletics at the back side of the school. The school aims to provide sample opportunity for to every student to fulfill his/ her capabilities on the field.

State of the Art Library

“Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body “The school library promotes reading and Includes the discipline of self-study amongst students. The collection of books in the school library range from short stories, poems, adventure stories, general knowledge, history, geography, math, games and sports language , art & craft, encyclopedias etc.-

Smart Class Room

School has well maintained smart class room with LED Projector in which a practical of each subject as well as theory class are takes place by expert teachers for the students


We have well equipped labs in the school, where students put theory into practice. All facilities are provided to our young innovators to meet the curriculum demands with the care and guidance of our expert faculty. We have four science labs for the students.

The Physics lab

The Chemistry lab

The Biology lab

The Computer lab

Art and Craft

The school has art & craft department. This department does more than just teaching art. It infuses creativity in the young minds and hearts gere. The various fields in which students are trained here are:

Sketching, coloring, painting

Paper craft

Clay modeling etc.

An annual exhibition is put up by Science and Art & Craft Department every year in March.

Facilities Clubs

We at ADARSH public school emphasize on learning by doing. So different clubs of school undertake various activities which helps the students in having a harmonious development to their personality.

1. Heritage Club:-

To motivate the students for conservation of historical building .By minimize the use of fossialfuels,use vehicles if necessary.

2. Eco Club:-

It is a voluntary group which promotes the participation of students in learning about,and improving their environment.

3. Reading Club:-

The objective is to inculcate the habit of reading in students.

4. Health Club:-

This Club tells the students about tips of good health and personal hygineand care of body.its logo is “Health is Wealth”

5. N.S.S Club

It is also a voluntary group.In which students learn how we can serve human without any greed,purpose.Its logo is “Not Me,But You”

6. Integrated Club

Value for inculcating and strengthening the muscles of YCES through activities and practice.

School Houses

To enhance the students participation in various cultural & co- curricular activities , students are grouped into houses namely :

a) Bhagat Singh House

b) Shiva House

c) Partap House

d) Shubash House

Each House has its own uniform in allotted colors.

Transport Facility

We have safe and secure school transportation for pick and drop the child. School has its own 16 Buses. Parents are advised to avail school transport only.

The major areas covered are: Ardana,Alewa,Bahri,Bigana,Popra,Gangatheri,Karnal, Padha, Kurlan, Faijpur-Khera, KabulpurKhera, Thari, Uplani, Chorkarsa, Ballah, Manpura,Mund,Mouna,Ror,Danoli,Malikpur,Salwan,Golli,Padana,Depedi,Fafrana,Uplana,Jabhala,Jaisinghpura,Chochra,Thal,Rahra,Bassi,Billona,Kheri,Mardankhera,

Total Land for school with 2 plagrounds = 2.5 Acres.

Built Up Area = 1 Acres.

Playground = 1.5 Acres.