Payment Of Fees & Leave Rules

Payment Of Fees

• To discontinue facility of school transport one month written notice is to be given in advance "otherwise fees will be charged."

• Fees for vacation period are payable in advance. Receipts of all payments are required to be preserved as proof of payment.

• The student is not allowed to appear in the Final Exam without clearing all the school dues.

• Annual Charges/ tuition fees , once paid, are not refundable.

• Fee book are issued from School Office.

Leave Rules

• No leave will be granted without the sanction of the Principal.

• Partial leave is not allowed at all.

• Leave for personal engagement, such as birthday, excursions etc. will not be granted.

• In case of absence, the student must bring the leave note on one's next joining day after the absence.

• In case of leave on account of sickness, the application must be accompanied by a Medical Certificate of a Registered Medical Practitioner.

• In case the student remains absent continuously for 10 days without leave, his/her name will be struck off the rolls.

• The school is not responsible for any student after the school hours including school transport student.